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Using Your Smartphone for Safety: Must-have Apps & Settings

Using Your Smartphone for Safety: Must-have Apps & Settings

Knowing your loved ones are safe can be a great comfort in a world where many things are uncertain. Luckily, your smartphone comes with some built-in security features as well as numerous apps that can help you keep your loved ones safer. As we become increasingly inseparable from our devices, it is high time we use them to help guard us when danger comes knocking. Here are a few apps and smartphone settings that will help you and your loved ones stay safe:

Health on iOS 9

One of the first critical steps in safety is maintaining your health. With iOS 9’s updates to the “Health” app, you can keep track of virtually anything related to your health and track changes daily. With the ability to provide both long-term and short-term data points about fitness, reproductive health, body measurements, vitals and sleep patterns, you can use this app to help you keep close tabs on how your body is doing. This app is native to the iPhone 6, so nothing should stop you from being healthier if you have one.


Sometimes you can’t help but travel alone late at night. Whether you’re working late or just hanging out with friends, walking home alone can be nerve wracking. With “Companion” you can notify people of your whereabouts, including local police departments. All you need to do is plug in your destination, identify those you would like to include in your notifications and have triggers set to go off in case you don’t make it where you would like to be when you planned on arriving. With this app, you can rest at ease when you and loved ones travel.


Similar to “Companion,” the “bSafe” app is designed to help you easily set off an alarm when you are unsure of your surroundings or uneasy about your situation. You can also let people know that you are safe by providing access to your location services, and get out of pesky situations like bad dates and even have friends virtually walk you home. You can also use this app to time your workouts, runs and hikes, so you can be healthy and safe at the same time.

Settings on Your Phone

Set up your phone to share information with those around you who care. Allow access to your friends and family on Google Calendar, and give them a chance to look through your plans and get alerts to any changes that appear. Additionally, you can set up your phone’s location services to give people a constant read on your whereabouts. The best thing about sharing this information with your friends and family is the control you exhibit when choosing who can be a part of your network. By having access to additional security on devices you carry around everywhere, taking the extra step to be safer is easier than ever before.

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