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"Safety is an instinctive need that has guided human choices throughout history. Like love, it is a universal feeling and as such has inspired analytical thinking and motivated science, literature, religion, and art." Paola Antonelli, Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Safety Issues Publications, Inc., is the most comprehensive portal of multimedia safety information in the nation and world. As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to the global tracking and reporting of news, products, and services concerned with people’s security and well-being. As a nonprofit we are free to innovate and investigate on your behalf without any pressure to compromise!

The Challenge

According to the National Safety Council, in the United States a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident every 1.1 seconds; experiences a disabling injury due to a non-automotive incident every 1.6 seconds; perishes from HIV every 11.3 seconds; dies from interpersonal violence every 60 seconds; is raped every 2.6 minutes; loses his or her life to a natural disaster every 8.4 minutes; succumbs to influenza every 14.6 minutes; dies from a workplace accident every 1.7 hours; and loses a child in a shooting every 2.3 hours. With shocking frequency, these and other similar events are taking an astounding physical and psychological toll on America’s population and an immense financial toll on America’s economy.

But the dangers these events pose are not limited to any national borders, for the threat is transnational in reach and worldwide in scope, most clearly in the case of natural disasters, pandemic disease, drug trafficking, and war, but also intimately affecting people’s personal lives no matter where they live. Safety is both a global issue and a universal need.

While there is more safety information available than ever before, the overload has become counterproductive. Its excess and the cumulative effects of that excess are truly overwhelming us rather than helping us to cope as individuals or as a society with the domestic and international challenges we face.

The Solution

From in-depth discussions with numerous experts in the field, we discovered that there are four basic aspects of behavior that must be ever-present if we are to deal with the diverse dangers that confront us. These four aspects are Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Safety Issues has found that by organizing safety information into these categories we can manage and deliver the critical data people need in the most efficient way possible. By maximizing this organizational principle and by utilizing the most up-to-date multimedia technologies to communicate it, we can promote and foster the key behavioral changes necessary to achieve safety consciousness and safer lifestyles.

Our organization is committed to a "Science of Safety." Through its electronic magazine, special reports in newspapers and on television and radio, and through published case studies, white papers, and monographs, nonprofit Safety Issues is dedicated to empowering peoples around the world by providing them with a forum and assisting them with the facts they need to prevent, prepare for, respond to, or recover from any foreseeable emergency.

A Call to Action

To accomplish our goal, we call upon specialists in every area of research – including medical scientists, psychologists, gerontologists, environmentalists, homeland security analysts, law-enforcement authorities, cybercrime experts, industrial designers, systems engineers, and professional futurists – to aid us in understanding the complexities of the problem and to work with us in developing forward-looking strategies to achieve a safer and more secure world.

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